Сервис мануал на acer zg5

сервис мануал на acer zg5
Push the connector clips up to disconnect the keyboard cable connector from the mainboard connector. Uncheck processes you don’t want running at startup. Quickly S4 Disable or Enable optional quick boot from Resume S4 Resume. Page 14: Front View Front View Figure 1:2. Closed Front View Icon Item Description Insert a memory card such as Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMedia Card (MMC) for external 2-in-1 storage. MULTIMEDIACARD Card Reader NOTE: Only one card can be inserted at a time. Page 47: Miscellaneous Utilities Miscellaneous Utilities Using Boot Sequence Selector Boot Sequence Selector allows the boot order to be changes without accessing the BIOS. To use Boot Sequence Selector, perform the following steps: Enter into DOS. Execute BS.exe to display the usage screen.

Page 102: Battery Pack Removal Battery Pack Removal Place the computer on a flat surface with the battery side up. Since my netbook is not my primary computer, system restore is an extra application that takes up resources to periodically snapshot images of my system. In addition, it requires a relatively large chunk of disk space. So, I disable it. Gently lift the I/O board up from the right side of the case. Hold and then press the <5> key at the upper-center of the keyboard. NOTE: Some fonts and software do not support the Euro symbol.

The netbook is equipped with 512 Mbytes of onboard SDRAM, and offers a 8 GB NAND flash module or 80 GB4 internal HDD for data storage, SD Card reader for storage expansion and Multi-in-1 card reader that supports Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, xD-Picture Card. The reasoning is you may want to run anti-virus at times, and this approach will allow you to fire it up when the need arises. Page 77: Removing The Usb Board And Cable Removing the USB Board and Cable 1. Disconnect the USB cable from the Mainboard. 2. Peel back the adhesive strip securing the USB cable and disconnect the cable from the USB Board. 3. Remove the single securing screw from the USB Board. Chapter 3… Page 79: Removing The Bluetooth Module Removing the Bluetooth Module 1. Remove the adhesive tape securing the Bluetooth cable in place. 2. Disconnect the Bluetooth cable from the Mainboard. 3. Lift the Bluetooth Module clear of the casing. Figure 5:128. Removing the LCD Brackets (1 of 2) Lift to remove the LCD brackets.

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