Инструкция к автомагнитоле jvc kd-g230

Press and hold 1, while playing a CD, to reverse the track. To go to the next or previous tracks Press ¢… Page 21: Prohibiting Cd Ejection To play back tracks repeatedly (Track Repeat Play) You can play back the current track repeatedly. Page 35 CD RECEIVER KD-G207 For installation and connections, refer to the separate manual. • This unit is equipped with the display demonstration. To cancel it, see page 6. • Данное устройство имеет функцию демонстрации на экране дисплея. Page 37 Thank you for purchasing a JVC product. Page 44: Manual Preset Manual preset You can preset up to 6 stations in each band (FM1, FM2, FM3, and AM) manually. Ex.: Storing FM station of 92.5 MHz into the preset number 1 of the FM1 band. When detaching or attaching the control panel, be careful not to damage the connectors on the back of the control panel and on the panel holder. Звучание этих аппаратов можно охарактеризовать уклоном в басовую составляющую.

Среди сабвуферов Pioneer Electronics серии PRO представлены 10- и 12-дюймовые TS-W3001D4/2 и TS-W2501D4/2; среди усилителей серии Premier Reference Series (PRS) — 2-канальный PRS-D2100T, 4-канальный PRS-D4100F и монофонический PRS-D1100M с технологией ICE Digital Power. Parts list for installation and connection The following parts are provided for this unit. Auf Seite 6 wird beschrieben, wie Sie diese Demonstrationsfunktion deaktivieren können. Page 48: Selecting Preset Sound Modes SOUND ADJUSTMENTS Selecting preset sound modes (C-EQ: custom equalizer) You can select a preset sound mode (C-EQ: custom equalizer) suitable to the music genre. Page 17: Other Convenient Rds Functions And Adjustments, Note Other convenient RDS functions and adjustments Automatic selection of the station when using the number buttons Usually when you press the number button, the preset station is tuned in.
Should this occur, the CD player may malfunction. In this case, eject the disc and leave the unit turned on for a few hours until the moisture evaporates. There are no user serviceable parts inside the unit; leave all servicing to qualified service personnel. 3. CAUTION: Visible and invisible laser radiation when open and interlock failed or defeated. Page 54 • After starting the heater in the car. • If it becomes very humid inside the car. Page 32: Electrical Connections, Problemen Oplossen If the fuse blows frequently, consult your Nennleistung ersetzen. Page 28: Maintenance, Handling Discs • After starting the heater in the car. • If it becomes very humid inside the car. Page 46 Locating a track or a particular portion on a CD To fast-forward or reverse the track Press and hold ¡, while playing a CD, to fast-forward the track.

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