Инструкция к барфидеру

инструкция к барфидеру
Telescopic front nose (optional) Especially ideal for use with sliding headstock lathe. Terms and Conditions Marubeni Citizen-Cincom, Inc. 40 Boroline Road Allendale, NJ 07401 Phone: 201-818-0100 Fax: 201-818-1877 Parts Fax: 201-818-1816. Барфидер Fedek SN-542Автомат для подачи прутка с диаметром от 5мм до 42мм и длиной от 2500мм до 4400мм.

Read More See a graphic describing the loading, bar separation, and processing functions of the FMB line. There is no need to struggle with steel bolts, carbon steel clamps, toggle clamps and other fastening systems. If you need both a tight seal during operation and easy operator access for quick cleaning and maintenance, this clamp is for you. Нет необходимости производить какое — либо специальное обслуживание механизма. Synchronization device (optional) Mechanical synchronizaion device moves with headstock synchronously. Read More This device guides the round and profiled bar material between the guide channel and the lathe.

LNS America Inc. — 4621 East Tech Drive — Cincinnati OH 45245 – Phone: 513-528-5674 – Fax: 513-528-5733 — ,sales by WebExpert. Multi language human-machine interface settings and function display. The sanitary clamp opens easily for instant access to the entire machine or system for inspection and cleaning thrives in Clean-In-Place (CIP), Steam-In-Place (SIP) and manual washdown conditions. Увеличенный диаметр ШВП по оси Z до 40 мм гарантирует стабильную работу станка на максимальных режимах резания.

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